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Coin Quest 2 – Slot Overview

Slot mill is a software provider that embodies the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets all the grease.”In the past, the studio has demonstrated a remarkable willingness to take player feedback into account and has done so again. This studio/player synergy resulted in Coin Quest 2. It is, Slotmill says, a sequel of our most popular game so far.’While Coin Quest 2 has a few new enhancements, Coin Quest 2 is still a great game. However, Coin Quest 2’s core gameplay remains unchanged and is, if not better, than it was when we tested it.

This is the first visual update. Coin Quest 2 is found in a more open area of the jungle setting than the original, with a beautiful set of stone blocks, flora, and step pyramids. This expanded view reflects the expansion of the entire game and makes a favorable first impression. The game grid is also larger and has a smaller collect meter. This reel has six symbols and awards a win if five or more of the same symbols appear adjacent in either vertical or horizontal directions. So far, so good.

Coin Quest 2’s default RTP is 96.18%, slightly higher than its predecessor. This can be viewed in regular mode. You can play Volatility on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. You can stake 20p/c to 50p/EUR50 per spin and then hit the play button. Coin Quest 2 also offers a variety of bonus buys.

Next are symbols that are very similar to the ones we have before. The premiums are four-part Aztec, four-part card suit looking low pay and four skull symbols. Value-wise, a five-of-a-kind hit is worth 0.25 to one time the wager and 9 to 75 times for a cluster 16+. Any of the pay symbols can be replaced by wilds. They are removed from reels if wins occur, and a wild symbol is added to the empty spaces. A new avalanche sequence is activated if a win is made after the last one.

Coin Quest 2 – Slot Features

The avalanche feature removes symbols from the board. They are also collected by the collect meter, which is available in both the base and bonus games. The meter can reach 50, and it will overcharge, giving extra coins and wilds than usual. Each character is worth one step. The meter drops by 25 points when wilds and coin symbols are added.

Coin Cluster

The bets can have coin symbols with values ranging from 1x to 500x. If five or more coin symbols form a group, their combined values are added and awarded. After the coin payout, all coins in the group are integrated into one currency. This coin displays the total weight before any other symbol avalanche.

Power Up Symbols

Power Up symbols are present in both the primary and bonus games. They trigger these abilities when they land.

  • Meter Charge: Adds 5, 10, or twenty steps to the collection meter. Then, it becomes wild.
  • Wild Mask: Adds wild symbols to the grid and then becomes wild.
  • Coin Mask: Adds coins symbols to the reels and then turns wild.
  • Transform Mask: Converts one random symbol type into another symbol and then makes it wild.
  • Super Mask: Activates when there is no more win by adding Coins on the reels. It accumulates all Coin values, displays a multiplier, and is then awarded. It is then converted into a coin of the total value.