It’s been a trend in our family to be food lover. All the men in our family are voracious eaters and we don’t give a damn about calories. Our favorite TV show is Master Chef Australia. The good thing is that my father is a great chef, and he knows a lot of recipes and knows the best ingredients to be used in most of the recipes. He knows how to prepare French toast, fruit snacks, flavored vodka, ice cream, and rice krispies. My favorite thing that he makes is the fruit vodka with added flavors.

A month ago I and my father were watching Master Chef on TV and were having cupcakes and cookies with a soft drink and then few friends of my father paid us a visit. They were from Las Vegas and joined us in our drawing room. All of them were inveterate gamblers and were high after taking vodka shot. Well, I was very excited to meet these persons who belonged to Las Vegas. I asked a lot of questions from them about gambling and they were seemed very gay to answer me.

I asked them if I can gamble like them so they told me about this online slot named “Froot Loot”. It’s a classic slot game which deals with sweet and juicy fruits which was very interesting for a person like me who loves food a lot. I was fascinated by this game after playing it for hours after hours. It consists of three reels, one payline and twelve winning combinations. Fruit basket, plum, water melon, Bars, oranges, lemons and cherries are the symbols of slot machine. 15$ is the maximum bet that can be placed and 5000 coins is the highest jackpot. Froot Loot is one of the simplest slot games it has no scatters, multipliers, or wild symbol. But Froot Loot is one of my favorite slot machines and the first one I played. I try to play it whenever I get chance and I am sure this is the most delicious pokie in the world.