Tennis has been my favorite sport since the day my mentor picked me for the school level tournaments. I used to play very fine in the sport and I did exceptionally well and played till the state level. And then unfortunately I got this knee injury which made me broken to pursue the career in tennis.

Then I got inclined to the coaching stuff, I started my own tennis academy to help the children of Melbourne and Australia to keep going and pursue their interest.I used to remember when I saw roger Federer playing in the Australian open. The experience was really fascinating watching him playing his classic shot from the Centre court.

This obsession of mine with the Roger and the tennis made me try this new slot game called the “Centre court”. The amazing game comes with five reel nine pay lines along with a wild Symbol, scatter symbol and the multiplier. Since it I a non-progressive slot, so it also comes with free spins and the free play.

When I first heard about the game I decided to play it, but my friends suggested that I must read some reviews and also watch some tutorial videos on YouTube before playing it with the real money, so I did the same and to take the trial of the game I arranged some free spins from a friend and take a look on the online pokie and guess what I really played well and then thought of playing with the real money.

Then I brought some credits via PayPal so that I can play on some big scale or you can say right from the Centre court. I felt like I am playing Wimbledon itself because of the theme and the graphics of the slot. That’s how I fulfilled my wish of playing my love and win money at the same time.