There was a day when I was super bored and I called one of my friends to come over my place to hangout. He gave a super idea of clothing and due to being him rich we didn’t have to think twice about it. I took my car out for the ride and turn on the music which was playing country album.

My friend Allen was playing slots all the way to store. He told me about this really mind spinning game named cash crazy, all I could have been amazed by it. He told me about that game like a teacher. It reminded me of my trip to amazon, it’s the only time I ever had fun lately. On my trip to amazon I saw a competition going on in which ladies had to milk the cow fastest milking lady won the competition. I downloaded a rar file of information about cards. The golden thing about this pokey which I knew when seeing the game review and instructions was it’s a total kick-off.

I was going through the worst time I didn’t have any money left in my pockets. I was over head in my debts and loans, I even decided to play lottery and other gambling stuff but it didn’t work out. It had severe rules that were to follow while playing. It was all about winning and I only had to make my combination out of reels. There were three reels in which I had made my luck and taste the pure fun there. I even watched a YouTube video so that manuals of that game could be understood well.

I had a good time that day when I enjoyed so much with that casino games, my boring day got so much interested after that and even now I use to play that sometimes.