The video poker millionaire game has three elements that are basic for the correct development of this activity. These factors are available to all players and can be used at any time, for free and in many publications, which have been made for a long time, by anyone who wants to know the strategies.

In order to enjoy all the benefits that these principles will give you to play video poker, you need to learn all the techniques and handle them perfectly, so you must have a lot of practice in the implementation of these three rules, to be a millionaire.

  1. Have an elementary tactic

To enjoy entertainment in Las Vegas, you have to have enough funds to place bets; you could start at $100. But if you have set as your main goal to become a millionaire playing video poker, it is important that you learn very well the characteristics that define the games of the stake.

An alternative would be to look for information in the nearest library, as there are many books that are not yet on the Internet and have very valuable data. Another option is the material that the libraries belonging to the universities of the state can have, in everything related to the subject of research in this field.

In conjunction with this activity, subscriptions to specialized journals can be made. In case of placing bets in Las Vegas, it is advisable to register on any page with content related to the game.

Entering forums and participating in seminars is a good opportunity, which will give you a lot of useful knowledge. It should be clarified that this activity of looking for material and learning about video poker, has to be maintained as constant teaching.

With all the technological advances, other newer techniques are introduced in the game. In addition, the casinos always renew strategies and manage to attract more players promoting multiple and varied benefits. It will be long and permanent learning, to be a master of video poker millionaire.

  1. Select activities that are easy to learn

It is unfortunate that the rage for + EV video poker is over. Although there is still one or another title in the game centers or on a website that is recognized, they provide a unique experience.

For those who are interested in 10/7 Double Bonus and in Deuces Wild, there is a large amount in the casinos that are located throughout America. These topics are the most recommended, for those who are focused on making a profit of one million dollars playing video poker, they are the ones who pay the rewards faster.

But if time is not a very relevant detail and you can wait a long time to become a millionaire, you have 99% of the themes available in the game centers, among which you can select the one that best suits your abilities.

Surely, you will find them available on the web in cities such as Atlantic City, Las Vegas and many others in the United States. The popularity of the games known as the not so ugly deuces is quite remarkable.

In addition, the casino obtains a profit that is considered lower than 25%, as well as in the other editions that are in the casinos 9/6 Jacks or Better or the well-known 8/5 Bonus Poker, which have a return that is Approximately 99.1%.

The games corresponding to sub-99% video poker are usually found among very similar games in casinos. Generally, they can be seen in game centers that offer topics in which full payment must be made. For this reason, you should review very well a table that is paid, before starting the game.

  1. Manage the money and get comps

To be a millionaire you have to be dedicated and strict in money management, it should not be a complicated task to know how much money you are going to spend. It is suggested to make the biggest bet because the consequences of the amount have many limitations.

You have to focus on getting numerous extra benefits, which are exclusive to players who are loyal to the casino, the bet is not that important. Obtaining promotions, points, participating in raffles, tournaments and sending coupons by mail, can turn the casino experience into something very tedious.

Think that with this rigorous and annoying work you will be slowly deteriorating the benefits that the game center could obtain. For those who are regulars of + EV, they have greater opportunities to make a profit with the comps. Although it is not a large amount, being constant and the patient can raise a large fortune.


After all this analysis and the recommendations given to the players, the question arises whether there is a possibility that all this is a reality. After studying the mathematical probabilities, the results were very interesting, with clear figures that must be followed to carry out the method to become a millionaire playing Jacks or Better.

If the goal is to be a millionaire in 10/7 Double Bonus, with a return of 0.17% in each hour, it would take 294,117 hours of the game without errors. This means that you have to play an average of 80 rounds every hour and in perfect form.

This calculation is reduced by spending 100 years and employing approximately eight hours per day. In order to make this fact a reality, the group experience could be shared, even if the gain is less.

The answer to the question of whether it is feasible, it can be said that in a few cases it has been possible for someone to become a millionaire. Observing a perfect game, choosing strategies that do not fail and selecting the most valid options it is possible that they have won the million dollars using the comps and all the benefits offered by the casino to the regular players.

With the advantage of the comps, you can reach the set goal, even if it takes a long time. To achieve this, all the alternatives offered by the game center must be taken for the fidelity of the player.